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    Specializes in the production of high-profile Luo Men licensing mold plate, heavy-G folder, and other mechanical products.

    About Luomen Parts

    Ningbo LuoMen Mechanical Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-grade mold pressing plate, heavy G-clip, Rohmac precision GP guide pin guide sleeve, SGP sliding, SRP ball die guide column, 20Cr precision mold guide pin guide sleeve And precision plastic (POM), aluminum, copper cage (ball ball sets), and other mechanical products industry and trade enterprises. The company has advanced various types of precision CNC equipment more than one, large-scale intelligent heat treatment carburizing equipment more than Taiwan, there are long yuan foreign mill, the yuan, grinding, The entire set of precision testing equipment and improve the process. In China Light Industry Mold City has a mold hardware sales center and high-end products Exhibition Center.

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